House Objects and Decors
Arista solid surfaces are ideal materials for interior design. They give you wide range to create imaginative, innovative, and inspiring art and home objects.

Kitchen Counter Tops, Table Tops, Bathroom Vanity Tops, Window Side Panels, Garden Areas, Pools, Balustrades, Pillars and Wall Cladding.

Restaurants & Food Courts

The Solid Surface material has a wide range of applications, with its easy to maintain and attractive appearances it could be used from table tops to bar tops to reception counters, washroom area etc. Arista offers a broad range of colors and aesthetics for different shapes and food service areas with the convenience of maintenance.
Healthcare &Laboratories
The Solid Surface property of being non-porous, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal makes it enables a wide area of antiseptic environment.

Arista Solid Surface are Chemically stable and stain free thus are versatile for lab purposes.

Interior Wall Cladding

Arista Solid surface provides tremendous color range and brilliant lightening effects with fully textured surface for wall surfaces that make a style statement on its own. Ideal choice for architects and designers to get creative with wall panels and interior cladding.
Public Areas, Shopping Malls & Elevators
Designing a Public Area such as Shopping Complexes require creative possibilities along with color stability and strength Arista Solid Surface is an ideal choice for an illuminating and decorative works for an ever lasting impressions on your interiors.

Offices & Exhibitions

Arista Solid Surface creates befitting ambience, speaking volume, creativity that enables positive brand impression. As retail design such as exhibitions demands the kind of performance that can stand up to high competition. Anti skid property of Arista solid surface is ideal for flooring and paneling in elevators.
Furniture’s Using Light
Arista Solid Surface provides you endless possibilities with a spectrum of colour, translucency, and superior formability options. For wall skirting & decorative sheets that creates perfect ambience for standard.

Engraving, Curving / Thermoforming

Arista Solid Surface can be easily engraved, routed, or thermoformed. So it’s upon your creativity that would flow and break out of traditional designs and create a world of innovative architectures, How far would that take you?.
Ship, Yatches& Carriers Furniture’s
Arista Solid Surface being light weighted are becoming a stylish options for marine interiors and décor. As its weighs less than usual ceramic which gives an added advantage to it for furnishing marines, ships & yatches.
Shades of Colors
Arista Solid Surface offers a rainbow full of colors to create your own design style and innovations.