Arista solid surface is non-porous, so it's stain-, mildew-, and germ-resistant; strong and self-supporting, needs no plywood underlayment; easy to buff out scratches; can be installed seamless and made to imitate other high-end materials like marble and granite.

Arista solid surfaceis a new class of solid surface wherein even though acrylic as a substance has been in use, the same in the form of solid surface has been little heard of. Most of the contemporary homes are going for a blend of Solid Surface products in order to optimize their budget and go for a better choice at the same time. You will love having an Arista solid surface for the sheer varieties they come in and the aura of style that they create. To sum it up, in your lookout for the perfect elite setting to your home, you will eventually find that Solid Surface is your ultimate answer. This is more so because Solid Surface is a substance that can be molded into a variety of colors and styles thus creating an array of colors and designs to choose from. In addition to the variety, an Arista solid surface is the best in case you are on the lookout for extended durability. Solid Surface is often termed as the optimum mixture of style and strength. Solid Surface also has the additional quality that it is quite easy to maintain. This helps maintain the surface easily and preserves the fresh look for longer.

Solid surfaces are chiefly made of either acrylic, or polyester or both. Having been a popular choice for almost four decades now, they are highly sought after for their strong resistant, renewable and repairable properties. These are available in a vast range of varying colors and patterns which often find close resemblance to natural stone.